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Polishing Tips!

Posted by Chris Turner on

Polishing aluminum and stainless steel parts can be tricky sometimes. When you are trying to get the most luster out of your custom interior parts the most important aspect may be the material that you apply the polish with. Regardless of whether you are using Meguiars, Mothers, or any other type of polish, you need to make sure to apply it with the proper type of cloth. And now for the secret......fleece. Each one of Trique Mfg's billet aluminum and stainless steel parts gets a final polishing with Mothers Polish and fleece. The fleece is cut into small squares. Using one of the squares, apply a generous amount of polish on the part. Work the polish in quick small circles until you have reached all of the desired areas of the part. Using a new piece of fleece, remove the remaining polish which should now be black. Once the majority of the polish is removed, use a new clean square to give the part a finishing rub. We usually use a back and forth motion that follows the contours of the part. The end result should be a beautifully polished part with little to no visible scratches. Hope this helps you get your shiny parts shiny.   

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