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The Long Road To SEMA - Entry 3

Posted by Chris Turner on

Everyone can rest easy......Altman went with a Ford power plant

When it comes to selecting an engine for your project, there are as many possibilities as your mind will allow you to have. Of course there are those that only want to see a Ford motor in a Ford Truck or Chevy in a Chevy, etc. Terry has dealt with both sides of this coin in the past. Altman built a beautiful Ford F-100 many years ago, that to this day can stand with the best of them. See for yourself in the pictures below. But what Terry did under the hood ruffled some feathers. A chromed Lexus motor sits up front with miles of wiring and multiple computers resting behind the dashboard. Let's face it, none of the great looking trucks we drool over at shows or in the magazines get to be what they are without changing things up. Terry didn't set out to stir up any sensitivities that people have over motor choice. He had the engine already, a nice engine at that, and he prides himself on stepping outside the box when designing vehicles. 



The engine choice that ruffled so many feathers. Terry Altman's 55 F-100 with a Lexus motor.

When Altman started planning Capone, he knew he was going Ford. He wanted real power in his latest build. Mission accomplished. Terry called on Kuntz and Co. out of Arkadelphia, AR to build the power plant for Capone. It's a 460 stroked to a 509. Let's jump right into what this engine is comprised of. Kasse-Boss 9 Heads, Diamond pistons, Eagle crank, and Innovators West balancer. Air is brought in through a Hogan intake. The intake is fed air via a killer, handmade air plenum made by Terry himself. Fuel injection is handled by a FAST E.F.I system, and Capone gets its spark from an MSD Digital 6 ignition and coil. The front of the motor is finished off with a Billet Specialties belt system. The exhaust system starts with stainless steel headers, made by Terry, and from there the stainless continues to the polished Magnaflow mufflers, and dumps out in front of the rear tires. How about some numbers? 750 HP and 700 LB/FT of torque. Cooling is an absolute priority with a motor like this. Altman chose a huge Griffin radiator, dual BeCool fans, and a stainless steel fan shroud to handle the duties. This time around, if Terry's engine choice ruffles your skirt, chances are you stood too close to the Magnaflows when this beast roared to life.

I know you want to see the pictures. so here you go:

460 stroked to a 509 Kasse-Boss 9 Heads

Hogan intake with dual throttle bodies

On a lot of F-100 builds you will notice that most people cut off the top of the radiator support to fit a bigger radiator in. Terry modified Capone's radiator support to maintain the factory look. It still houses a large radiator and is finished off nicely with the handmade fiberglass intake plenum made by Altman himself

Currie rear end with 300 gears

Handmade stainless steel headers and exhaust. Wilwood power disc brakes on all 4 corners

Nice huh? You know you want to look again. Go ahead, I'll wait...

OK let get to the transmission. It is a BTE Powerglide and a BTE converter with a 3800 stall. Nested in the armrest is a PCS Electronic Shift Controller that puts selecting gears at Altman's fingertips. Because no corners were to be cut during this build, Terry requested that we make him a new top plate for his PCS controller and engrave a V8 that matches the one that adorns the tailgate. The power is sent through an aluminum driveshaft to a chrome Currie rear end with polished aluminum, Strange center section, and 300 gears.

BTE Powerglide with a 3800 stall converter

Shockwave air bags provide a comfortable ride height, but allow Capone to get low when it is time to show off.

Moving back to the front of the TCI chassis you will find a Mustang II front end, stainless steel control arms, and a polished aluminum, Flaming River rack and pinion steering. The suspension? Air bags of course. it is necessary that Capone can sit up and cruise, but when the time comes to show off, Capone gets low. At the time of this writing, Altman is planning to use polished aluminum Budnik rollers with HUGE Mickey Thompson tires. Stopping is the job of a Wilwood power disc brake setup on all four corners. 

With the front sheet metal out of the way, you can see what Terry did to make the Griffin radiator fit. It has been lowered 2 inches to make room for the intake plenum and still keep a factory look.

Polished aluminum Budnik wheels with great bog Mickey Thompson rubber.          

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