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Oval Interior Light with 30 Degree Bezel

Trique's Oval Interior Light is machined from a solid piece of billet aluminum and houses (6) 5mm cool white L.E.D's behind a dome shaped lens. Each interior light comes fully polished. This interior light features a 30 degree bezel to match many of our other interior components.

  • Billet Aluminum
  • LED Light
  • Soft white light versus dingy yellow light
  • Made in the USA


  • Footprint = 4.25" X 1.75"
  • Bezel = 5.25" X 2.125"
  • Required depth = .55"


Ask a Question
  • Is this light adequate for dome light use?

    Our LED lights do put off sufficient enough light to be used as a dome light. They are plenty bright and put off a very nice glow.