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1967-1972 Ford F100 Altman Easy Latch

We are currently in the prototype phase of our newest addition to the Altman Easy Latch catalog of vehicle specific door latch solutions for your classic truck. 

The Altman Easy Latch system was developed so that you can install a modern style door latch in your classic truck without losing the operation of your inside handles, exterior handles, and exterior door lock cylinders.


1967-72 Ford F100:

The popularity of these trucks have grown over the years. More and more are popping up at truck shows looking great! We have been toying with the idea of tackling this particular truck for a while now. Upon some research, we found that there are no door latch replacement options for this F100. Usually there are atleast reproductions of the original design, but in this instance that is not even the case. 

We have started prototyping and have a functioning latch installed in the door. More information will be available very soon including a link to pre-order your set and be one of the first 67-72 F100 owners to Stop Slamming Your Doors, and Go Easy, with the Altman Easy Latch.


Below is a short video we posted on our Instagram showing how smooth the new latch kit is working. 


 *UPDATE* 8/11/23

No Jam Plates!! This version of the Altman Easy Latch will be the first to require No cutting, No drilling....No alterations necessary. For 1968-1972 Ford F-100's you will only need to remove the old factory latch and replace with ours. It will be a direct bolt-in kit that works with the interior and exterior handles. They will also keep the interior lock rod and exterior lock cylinder functions. You can see the installed prototype latch in the image below.