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Universal Bear Jaw Door Latches - Altman Easy Latch

The perfect vehicle door latch comes from our inventory. Trique Manufacturing designs and offers the Altman Easy Latch line, providing you with the quality car and truck door latches you need. Here, you will find our selection of universal latches and latch installation kits.

 A universal car door latch will ensure your vehicle doors open and close smoothly without slamming. For a vehicle door latch that works for any application and is made in the USA, you can’t beat our Altman Easy Latch Universal Bear Jaw Latches. Please look closely at the quality of any door latch before trusting your safety to it. Our Altman Easy Latches feature 3/16" latch paws that have been case hardened and are black oxide coated for strength and wear resistance. Each kit comes with stainless steel striker pins.