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1937-1939 Ford Tudor Sedan Door Latches - Altman Easy Latches

1937-1939 Ford Tudor Sedan Door Latches - Altman Easy Latches

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Are you tired of slamming the doors on your 1937-1939 Ford Sedan? 
Are the latches on your classic car not living up to the other work you've put into your pride and joy?
Face it, most classic car and truck door latches have been abused over the years. Unfortunately, the available options don't offer the quality that your classic or custom Ford car deserves. That is where the Altman Easy Latch for the 1937-1939 Ford Tudor Sedan comes to the rescue.




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1937 Ford Sedan

1938 Ford Sedan

1939 Ford Sedan

Designed, Manufactured, and Assembled here in the USA

The Altman Easy Latch is the first and only bolt-on door latch system that allows you to keep your outside and inside door handles, as well as your outside lock cylinders. All with no welding involved. Each Altman Easy Latch kit comes with everything you will need for both doors. Make this part of your vehicle restoration project or add them to your finished ride. 


When Harold learns that the Altman Easy Latch is a safer way to make sure that his nagging wife doesn't fall out of his classic truck, will he make the right choice?


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Ask a Question
  • When ordering latches for doors does 1 mean both doors

    Each of our kits contain everything you need for both doors.

  • can you lock the latches

    Each latch comes wit lock provisions that can be used with the lock cylinder on the outside of the vehicle. In order to lock it from the inside, you would need to use a power lock actuator.