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1960-1963 Chevy Truck Door Latches - Altman Easy Latches

1960-1963 Chevy Truck Door Latches - Altman Easy Latches

Are you tired of slamming the doors on your 1960-1963 Chevy Truck? 
Are the latches on your classic truck not living up to the other work you've put into your pride and joy?
Face it, most classic truck door latches have been abused over the years and the available options don't offer the quality that your classic or custom Chevy truck deserves. That is where the Altman Easy Latch for 1960-1963 Chevy Trucks comes to the rescue.




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1960 Chevy / GMC Truck

1961 Chevy / GMC Truck

1962 Chevy / GMC Truck

1963 Chevy / GMC Truck


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  • can they be welded in flush without alignment issues?

    It is best to overlap weld them in to prevent any fitment issues. If you flush mount them, you will be slightly altering the position of the latch. In some instances, it may not cause a problem, but excercise caution if you choose to try.

  • Do they come in pairs

    They do. Each kit has everything you need for both doors

  • Will these work with power door locks?

    Each Altman Easy Latch kit comes with locking provisions attached to the bottom of the latches. These can be actuated using power lock actuators.

  • Will these fit the 62 gmc 3/4 T truck?

    If the doors are the same as the regular size truck, you should have no issues.