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1964-1966 Chevy Truck Door Latches - Altman Easy Latches
Altman Easy Latch for 1964-1966 Chevy Truck
Altman Easy Latch for 1964-1966 Chevy Truck

1964-1966 Chevy Truck Door Latches - Altman Easy Latches

Are you tired of slamming the doors on your 1964-1966 Chevy Truck? 
Are the latches on your classic truck not living up to the other work you've put into your pride and joy?
Face it, most classic truck door latches have been abused over the years and the available options don't offer the quality that your classic or custom Chevy truck deserves. That is where the Altman Easy Latch for 1964-1966 Chevy Trucks comes to the rescue.




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1964 Chevy / GMC Truck

1965 Chevy / GMC Truck

1966 Chevy / GMC Truck


Ask a Question
  • This latch appears to do away with the interior lock, leaving only the option of cylinder lock on the outside. How will this work with an actuator?

    There is a lock provision on each latch that will allow you to use a power lock actuator option.

  • What power lock actuators will work with this kit? I installed your kit and it works great, looking to add power locks any suggestions for a 65 c10, I do have stock handles not shaved.

    We do not recommend one lock actuator over another. There are plenty of choices out there for actuators. We do recommend Watson's Streetworks as they are very knowledgeable when it comes to the electronics that they carry. However, any actuators from any other vendor should work fine.

  • the drivers door outside door handle works good however the passenger door button is hard to push. What can cause this problem ? I have a 1965 chevy C-10

    This can be caused by excessive pressure from the door seals. Try adjusting your striker out some to releive pressure on the latch and see if this helps it respond smoother.

  • Do these latches have a lock mechanism available.

    Each Altman Easy Latch comes with locks that can be operated by power actuators.

  • will it fit a 65 GMC ?

    Yes. They will fit the GMC as well.